Write down as many words you can think of that start with the letter S...what? Strange exercise, right? This was an actual written and timed interview question I had to answer! The interview process is grueling enough. I always prepared for questions about my past employment and my relevant experience. How would I prepare for this?

Brine Group welcomes you to our recruiter spotlight. Each month we invite a different Brine Group recruiter to share information about themselves and interesting articles they have read.

October’s recruiter spotlight goes to Joe Galante. Joe is a Recruiter in our Technology Division.

Brine Group is happy to announce that Erin Kirby will be heading up their IT Contract Services Division, effective immediately.

When gearing up for a first round interview, most people focus on their resume, a power suit and rehearsing answers to common interview questions. But that’s not all! Your body language may be contradicting what your mouth is saying. A person’s body has a language all its own and rarely lies. Paying attention to yourself is the key to understanding your own non-verbal cues, so practice in front of a mirror, record yourself or sit opposite a friend!

Everyone has been on the receiving end of an interview and some situations can be tricky, but no interview is straight forward. Beginning when you enter the lobby and ending when you exit the building, prepare to be analyzed! There is no need to look over your shoulder – but know that everything you say and don’t say is part of your evaluation as a potential fit.

Brine Group welcomes you to our recruiter spotlight. Each month we invite a different Brine Group recruiter to share information about themselves and interesting articles they have read.

August’s Recruiter Spotlight goes to Joe Borsari. Joe is a consultant in our Healthcare Division.

Looking for a new job can be a stressful time in anyone’s life. Whether you decide to go-it alone and job search independently or if you decide to go with a staffing agency, it is important that every candidate know their options prior to starting their job search.

The tech field is booming in the United States and everywhere else it seems. There are a ton of benefits of being in such a booming field; the pay rates are great, there is an overwhelming need to fill positions, and there is tons of flexibility. Robin Hauser Reynolds recently explored this very subject on ideas.ted.com. She states in her article, “Women simply aren’t thriving in one of the most promising fields in the United States — and not for lack of talent. And here’s the truth: It’s not solely a problem for women. It’s a problem for men, too. In just five years, there will be a million unfilled computer science–related jobs in the United States, which according to our calculations could amount to a $500 billion opportunity cost.”

There is a shortage of Internal Medicine and Family Medicine Physicians across the world. KevinMD.com said, “Not many medical students choose primary care as their career path.” Why? Because many feel the money is in specialization, not in primary care.  

I am here today to give our readers the top reasons why medical students SHOULD go into Internal Medicine/Family Medicine.

Brine Group welcomes you to our recruiter spotlight. Each month we invite a different Brine Group recruiter to share information about themselves and interesting articles they have read.

It’s important when talking about a new career that we can identify good advice when it hits us in the face. Accepting advice from someone is easy. But how do we know when the advice is good?

Did you know only 6% of employees are still with their company 12 months after accepting a counter offer? Jeff Brine offers his opinion on Brian Moore’s must read article, "How to Handle Counter Offers"

The job interview process is often a grueling one. It gets more difficult the further into the process you get. As a candidate you prepare for your interview. You research the company; you prepare your answers for “typical” interview questions, and then the unimaginable happens you get stumped. The goal is always to answer every question perfectly and without pause. Unfortunately, it does not always work out that way.

The atmosphere in a Staffing and Placement agency varies greatly. Influences can include: location, size, leadership, employee personality types, policies, job markets. Agencies are often times the first to sense job recessions or growth. Every agency has their “How we got started” story, niche markets and exclusive clients. What ultimately differentiates employment agencies (or any organization) is company culture. It can create growth or destroy it, however intangible it is, it is highly transparent and sought after in today’s employment market .

Marcy Mooney offers her insight on Lisa Chatroop’s article, “7 Career Inspiration Questions Everyone Must Ask Themselves”, and gives her own advice to those who are unsure.

Did you know, it takes the average hiring manager about six seconds to decide if your resume will be read in depth or tossed aside? It is crucial to make sure your resume has them at hello. Tom Finn analyzes J.T. O’Donnell’s article “Is Your Resume 6 Second Worthy” and offers 4 tips of his own to ensure your resume won’t be ruled out.

This article by Gene Marks caught my eye because I have only ever worked for small companies. I grew up around my father's small business and appreciate the values they bring to local communities and their employees.

I really like this article because it gets us thinking about the strengths, traits and abilities we can use to take control of our job search and future!

Do you want to be a good candidate or a great one? Asking the right questions can mean the difference between appearing to be a good candidate instead of a great candidate and determine if you are interviewing for a good opportunity instead of a great one. Consultant Brendan Ross reviews Jeff Haden’s article “5 Questions Great Job Candidates Ask” and shares one of his own must ask questions for candidates.

Workplace conflicts range from simple disagreements to aggressive arguments. While some may be more unpleasant than others, all conflicts can reach a solution using the same steps. Operations Manager, Marcy Mooney, gives her advice on how to face issues you may come up against in the workplace.

Is your Workplace costume friendly or should you go another route to celebrating Halloween? Marcy Mooney offers her insight on the subject.

Discover your courage! There are many things that cause us to feel afraid. Operations Manager, Marcy Mooney, discusses Geoffrey James’s article “4 Mental Tricks to Conquer Fear” and offers her own personal tip to help you overcome fears that you face.

How much value would you say your reputation holds? Consultant, Melissa Ribeiro, gives her thoughts on what accepting a counter offer could mean for your reputation.

Are you happily employed? The best time to be in contact with a recruiter is when you are employed. Jeff Brine offers his insight on Jerry Land’s article, “Why a Passive Candidate Should Take a Recruiter’s Call”, and gives his own advice to those who are currently employed.

More than 300 people are hacked online every hour, is your information safe? Rajat Taneja’s article “Tips for Protecting Your Online Data” offers eleven helpful tips to keep your information secure when conducting routine business online.

If you work in business, you know that sales has a hand in almost everything. Brine Group analyzes Geoffrey James’ article “How to Sell: 8 Essential Skills” and offers a few essential skills of their own to help you master the art of sales.

Have you been applying to jobs but don’t hear back? Consultant David Aquilino reviews Meghan Biro’s article “5 Reasons Why You Never Hear Back After Applying for a Job”. David offers some additional advice on how to make your resume get noticed and increase your chances of securing an interview.

What is the best piece of advice that you have ever received? Was it something small and simple or grand and awe-inspiring?

Don’t blow it on the phone! Phone interviews are often the gateway to determine if a candidate should be invited for an in-person interview. Jeff Brine offers his insight on Amanda Haddaway’s article, “Top 3 Tips for Phone Interviews,” and gives 3 additional tips of his own to help you master the phone interview and move on to the second round.