There is a shortage of Internal Medicine and Family Medicine Physicians across the world. said, “Not many medical students choose primary care as their career path.” Why? Because many feel the money is in specialization, not in primary care.  

I am here today to give our readers the top reasons why medical students SHOULD go into Internal Medicine/Family Medicine.

With the help from Sophie Cresswell from, and Abigail Beckel and Marisa Torrieri from here are the top 5 reasons Medical Students should be Specializing in Internal Medicine/Family Medicine:

  1. JOB SECURITY – Due to the shortage of primary care physicians in conjunction with baby boomer physicians retiring earlier, there are a ton of jobs available. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, the demand for family physicians in the USA is expected to exceed the supply by the year 2020.
  2. SALARIES ARE ON THE RISE - According to a report published by a reputed medical magazine lately, the average earnings for primary-care physicians shot up by about 5.2%, which is a faster rise than those of other specialists. Moreover, primary-care physicians working in underserved regions enjoy handsome tax benefit incentives with Medicare currently providing a 10 % bonus payment.
  3. WORK LIFE BALANCE - Primary care offers a lot of choice as to how, where, and how many hours to practice. There are options for part-time schedules and fewer nights on call. Although many PCPs work hectic schedules packed with patients and paperwork, there are still more options for flexibility and balance than in many specialties.
  4. THE FRONT LINES – Along with ER doctors, Primary Care Physicians are the first line of defense for a patient — which means that you see all the newest bugs and illnesses first. PCPs are the central players in treating everything from national flu epidemics to local Lyme disease upticks to widespread food poisonings and recalls.
  5. YOU TREAT THE WHOLE PATIENT - Primary-care doctors have the opportunity to truly coordinate the healthcare of their patients. Even if a patient sees specialists for specific issues, you are the doc who knows the most about the patient's history, medications, and overall health, and the physician most likely to identify larger problems or patterns. Big responsibility, but also big rewards in the patient relations and job satisfaction departments.

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