More than 300 people are hacked online every hour, is your information safe? Rajat Taneja’s article “Tips for Protecting Your Online Data” offers eleven helpful tips to keep your information secure when conducting routine business online.

Would you leave your house for the night without locking your doors and windows? Although it may not immediately come to mind, you have just as much valuable information online as you have in your home. We rely on the internet more and more to conduct routine activities in our daily life. Rajat Taneja offers 11 very helpful tips on how to keep you and your valuable information safe when doing business online.

Here are five additional tips to enhance your online security:

  • While you may not get hacked, a company with your information might. Protect yourself from this kind of information theft by ensuring your email password is unique to all others. If you sign up for a company’s newsletter and that company is hacked, the hacker will have your email address, don’t let them get your email password also.
  • Delete accounts you no longer use. Dormant accounts often become forgotten and may contain sensitive information.
  • Download a password saver app for your smartphone. These allow you to save your unique username and password for each log in They also typically require a pass code to open the application.
  • Need a security question? Choose wisely. If you are registering for a Boston based website and your security question is “What is your favorite sports team?” it may take a hacker only a few tries to access your account.
  • The social media sites Facebook and Twitter are targeted the most by hackers. Be careful of what kind of personal information you share on these sites.

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