If you work in business, you know that sales has a hand in almost everything. Brine Group analyzes Geoffrey James’ article “How to Sell: 8 Essential Skills” and offers a few essential skills of their own to help you master the art of sales.

We like this article because it is short, sweet and to the point. In addition to the points found in the article, let us add a few of our own.

What we have found in sales is that people will do business with people they know, like and trust. How do you get a prospect to know you? Remain genuine both on the phone and in person. If it seems like you are reading off of a script, trying to “act” like a sales person or speaking like someone who you are not, you will turn off a prospective client right away.

If you have a bubbly personality, be bubbly. If you are a serious person that is highly analytical then give them the stats that back up your success with other clients. Nothing seems less trust-worthy than someone who is being insincere and nothing helps establish the “know and like” parts of the recipe more than being genuine.

How do you get a client to trust you? Do what you say you are going to do. For instance, if a sale is not going to happen on the first call (let’s face it…they rarely do) and you say “well, I would like to follow up in 2 weeks because I am genuinely interested in earning your business,” you better call in 2 weeks! If you are in my field of recruiting and you say “I will only show you 2 or 3 of our best candidates for you to review” than ONLY send 2 or 3 GREAT candidates.

Nothing kills the trust you are building with prospective clients more than failing to follow through with what you say you are going to do. Providing the excellent service you promised will define you as your client’s go-to sales person!

Do you have skills that would make you an asset at any company?

Read Geoffrey James' original article here: How to Sell: 8 Essential Skills