Have you been applying to jobs but don’t hear back? We reviewed Meghan Biro’s article “5 Reasons Why You Never Hear Back After Applying for a Job”. We offer some additional advice on how to make your resume get noticed and increase your chances of securing an interview.

For job seekers, especially those who are not currently employed, the job search can seem like a daunting uphill climb. You see a job posting online that you know you are qualified for and still can’t seem to generate any type of activity. The key to applying to any job is highlighting your background and skillset specific to the company and position. The more targeted your resume is to the position, the greater your chances are of generating an initial interest from the company you are applying to. Customize your resume to each position you are applying for.

I also tell candidates to know the company you are applying to. Through networking or a simple Google search you can learn a lot about the company. Place this knowledge in your application and you may stand out among hundreds of others. Generating a network is always key, take to social media and find sessions that are sponsored by the company you are applying for. Going to a networking event sponsored by the company you are looking is a great way to meet and get introduced to people involved with the hiring process. These types of events often serve as a great stepping stone and introduction to the company.

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