Don’t blow it on the phone! Phone interviews are often the gateway to determine if a candidate should be invited for an in-person interview. Jeff Brine offers his insight on Amanda Haddaway’s article, “Top 3 Tips for Phone Interviews,” and gives 3 additional tips of his own to help you master the phone interview and move on to the second round.

For so many reasons, the advice I offer my clients is to start the interview process with an in-person interview. However, many companies prefer to start with an phone interview. I believe that phone interviews can be more challenging to both parties because neither side can see the all-important body language of the other party. Only one of the senses is being stimulated in a phone interview, and that is "hearing". It's not the only what you say, but how you say it.

So in addition to the tips in the article below, I would like to offer an additional 3 tips to candidates:

  1. Stand up during the phone – you can project your voice better while standing.
  2. Smile – even though the interviewer cannot see your smile, they can “hear” your smile
  3. Speak with enthusiasm and excitement about the opportunity.

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