When gearing up for a first round interview, most people focus on their resume, a power suit and rehearsing answers to common interview questions. But that’s not all! Your body language may be contradicting what your mouth is saying. A person’s body has a language all its own and rarely lies. Paying attention to yourself is the key to understanding your own non-verbal cues, so practice in front of a mirror, record yourself or sit opposite a friend!

Shane Jones from The Muse and Jennifer Wang from Entrepreneur spoke about this recently. Here are three non-verbal cues to pay attention to, especially during your next interview.

Crossing Your Arms and Legs – Crossing of the limbs can imply that you are closing yourself off from the conversation you are having. Sitting up without having anything crossed signals open communication. It is one thing when you are by yourself and crossing your arms or legs is comfortable for you but when you are speaking to a person or a group for that matter it is important to show that you are open to the conversation.

Pointing of the Feet – Dr. Carol Kinsey Gorman has stated that your feet can often be just as telling of your emotional intentions as your upper body can be. It may sound odd to think of your feet that way but the next time you are having a conversation with someone look at your feet. Typically if someone is checking out of the conversation mentally, their feet will point away from the conversation they are having.

Nose Rub – Yes there are such things as having an itch on your nose that requires a brief rub, but this motion is sometimes linked with deception. If you are talking with someone and they rub their nose it can come across as though they do not believe what you are saying. It can go the other way if you are talking and rubbing your nose it could imply you are not being honest with what you are saying.

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