It’s important when talking about a new career that we can identify good advice when it hits us in the face. Accepting advice from someone is easy. But how do we know when the advice is good?

The best guidance should come from someone who lives it.

As they say - Experience is the best teacher! Take advice from someone who does the job day in and day out; a current employee; manager or supervisor; someone who knows the industry by trade. Employment Professionals and recruiters are also excellent sources, but make sure you work with a reputable firm who will represent the company honestly. Good advice should be actionable and up to date. Be cautious when accepting guidance from someone who no longer works in the industry, for their info may be out dated. Lastly, is the career advice actionable? Don’t just listen to a motivational speaker, learn how to make waves! Take action and you will find yourself one step closer to the phone screen, interview, job offer or promotion.

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