Did you know, it takes the average hiring manager about six seconds to decide if your resume will be read in depth or tossed aside? It is crucial to make sure your resume has them at hello. Dave Aronofsky analyzes J.T. O’Donnell’s article “Is Your Resume 6 Second Worthy” and offers 4 tips of his own to ensure your resume won’t be ruled out.

For candidate searching for that next career opportunity this article addresses 2 critical issues. First, that far too often a candidate’s resume gets reviewed in a matter of seconds before determining whether you’ll move forward in the process or be ruled out. Second and even worse news as high as 80% of online applicant resumes are never even reviewed by anyone!

I agree with the recommendations in the article to avoid your resume being ruled out or not reviewed whatsoever. Below are a couple of additional suggestions I’d like to offer that should help increase the odds that your resume will be reviewed by a hiring manager and ideally gain you the interview. You can’t “Win the Job” if you don’t get an interview.

Here are my 4 suggestions:

  • At the top part of your resume after creating an “Experience Summary” (see article) be sure to include in that summary any significant career accomplishments, with any supporting quantitative data, that reinforces your qualifications for that particular job.
  • Utilize online tools like social media (i.e. LinkedIn) and leadership sections of the company’s web site to identify possible internal employees that could refer you or make an introduction to the hiring manager.
  • Don’t just stop at email! If you have been referred to a hiring manager call them to introduce yourself. You need to be prepared to give a 30 second “elevator pitch” (key selling points) as to why they should consider you for the position.
  • Finally, and I believe most importantly secure a relationship with a Professional Recruiter and maintain that relationship. A Top Professional Recruiter establishes, builds and maintains key relationships with hiring managers in the marketplace and specialty area they service! It is our job to utilize those relationships on a daily basis to introduce Top Candidate to Top Clients in the market place. Find a Top Recruiter that specializes in placing candidates in your chosen field and utilize them to gain direct access to and interviews with hiring managers.

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Read J.T. O'Donnell's original article here: Is Your Resume 6-Second Worthy?