Marcy Mooney offers her insight on Lisa Chatroop’s article, “7 Career Inspiration Questions Everyone Must Ask Themselves”, and gives her own advice to those who are unsure.

Like most Americans, we spend the majority of our days at the office. It’s important to ensure the professional life we choose is one that fulfills us, is challenging, makes us happy and gives us a sense of purpose.

Ever find yourself sitting at a desk surrounded by blank walls, daydreaming, clock ticking, pushing papers and clicking through emails? You are bored; no challenges; dread interactions with clients and look forward to the weekends. Bottomline, you don’t like your job. Chances are, it shows in your work and others can see it. We all have unproductive days, but perhaps you are unhappy in your career. Is it time to reevaluate your career choices and make a change?

Years ago, we had the world in our hands; we had BIG plans, trendsetting goals. Take a look at where you are today and reflect back five years ago. Are you where you want to be? You have learned a lot in these 5 years, gained experiences, developed skills and become more confident. You have identified new goals and modified old ones. Stop daydreaming and take charge of your life!

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