This article by Gene Marks caught my eye because I have only ever worked for small companies. I grew up around my father's small business and appreciate the values they bring to local communities and their employees.

Working for a small business, like Brine Group, means you achieve practical knowledge, understanding and experience in how a business is run, its operations and how it thrives.

Your contributions are more transparent, directly linked to the businesses' successes. Employees are exposed to a broader range of responsibilities and can benefit more from one-on-one development. Leadership and executive teams are usually more accessible and can offer up feedback, recognition and face time more frequently to the general employee population.

Remember "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"? Whether employees are exemplary in their work or on probation, there is no where to hide. In turn, this means, those who exceed their expectations are given more recognition and praise - it feels good to be noticed by management and the executive team! Imagine getting the opportunity to have a one-on-one with the CEO - it just wouldn't happen if you were working at a large conglomerate like IBM or Microsoft.

I endorse this article because I believe small businesses, like Brine Group can offer great value to an individuals' professional and personal development.

My Top Ten List: Why Brine Group is a Great Small Business to Work for:

  • Management Team with over 50 years of experience
  • Direct access to Senior Executive Team including the CEO
  • Growth and Management Opportunities
  • Exceptional Value System and Corporate Integrity
  • Excellent compensation plans
  • Collaborative and Fun Team Environment
  • Excellent Employee Culture, Company Dinners, Casual Fridays, Summer Dress-Down Days and Happy Hour
  • Employee Recognition, Sales Awards and Incentives: monthly awards, 9 quarterly awards, 2 annual awards and LinkedIn reimbursement programs
  • Above Average reputation in the industry from clients and candidates
  • Class ‘A’ Office Park with Employee Fitness Center, Restaurants and free parking

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