I really like this article because it gets us thinking about the strengths, traits and abilities we can use to take control of our job search and future!

The Average Joe, (Clark Kent) – applies to a job, waits for a call. Reads up on the company and job description and compares it to the experience and skills outlined on their resume. Heads into the interview room and throws the dice!

Super Man - A job seeker with superpowers takes the extra steps.

  1. Research the target company and the role you are interviewing for – know what you are walking into
  2. Research other members of the company using LinkedIn, social media to know who you are talking to and learn something important about them.
  3. Fully grasp the company goals and culture to sell yourself, your skills and assets to the company.
  4. Ask yourself: What sets me apart from other job seekers? What can I bring to this company?
  5. Wear your best suit, bring extra copies of your relevant resume
  6. Seal the deal with a firm hand shake, a thank you letter and a follow-up call or email restating your compatibility with the company, interest in bringing your skill sets and moving with them to the next step.

Recruiters hold these Superpowers as well. Most recruiters or staffing consultants work for their clients, not the job seekers, therefore the client pays the fee. Most recruiters will spend time with their candidates on interview coaching, resume assessment and construction, compensation negotiation, career search strategy, and market assessment consultations. Recruiters usually have existing relationships with hiring managers and HR departments and can get you in past the Applicant Tracking System and up front and personal with the hiring managers! The rest is up to you. Be prepared, resilient, confident, sell yourself, prepare your resume to fit the job. Know their goals and know your goals!

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