The atmosphere in a Staffing and Placement agency varies greatly. Influences can include: location, size, leadership, employee personality types, policies, job markets. Agencies are often times the first to sense job recessions or growth. Every agency has their “How we got started” story, niche markets and exclusive clients. What ultimately differentiates employment agencies (or any organization) is company culture. It can create growth or destroy it, however intangible it is, it is highly transparent and sought after in today’s employment market .

What is Company Culture?

Ryan Rhodes explains “Company culture can be described as an organization’s brand or personality; it’s what you believe in and stand for, and what makes your company unique…Company culture is powerful: it can impact sales, profits, recruiting efforts and employee morale, positively or negatively.”

Since 2002, Brine Group remains privately owned by Founders, Jay Acquaviva and Jeff Brine. Acquaviva and Brine started their careers in corporate America. They learned about the politics, red tape and difficulty in navigating the corporate pyramid structure. Now, as experienced Leaders and Business Owners in the Staffing and Recruiting Industry, they have more perspective on culture: what they had in corporate America yesterday and what they want for their employees tomorrow.

Brine Group is a smaller company but our size has benefits of its own. Employees have names and faces, not personnel numbers and Instant Message Handles. From fun quarterly awards, to a night out with coworkers, we strive to maintain the “work hard, play hard” mentality. The Training and Development Program is here for newcomers to learn the sales and recruiting essentials, best practices, and develop their careers by working closely with our partners, senior level managers and consultants. No opinion goes unheard here with the open-door policy. Have the opportunity to make a key impact within the company, be recognized for it and get promoted from within.

Here is our Top 10 Reason Why We Love Working for Brine Group:

  1. “I have a real voice and an impact on my company”
  2. “It’s a fun, collaborative, team focused work environment.
  3. “Unlimited earning potential with ample opportunity for financial freedom”
  4. “It’s a rewarding environment with lots of recognition and positive reinforcement”
  5. “It’s challenging and different all the time so I never get bored”
  6. “It’s a high energy, competitive, and very supportive environment”
  7. “Everyone here wants to succeed and wants you to succeed”
  8. “Everyone has open access to all levels of management”
  9. “We genuinely care about each other, our clients and candidates”
  10. “The people I work with are smart, passionate and proud of what they do”

Brine Group Staffing Solutions is a professional recruiting firm specializing in the search and placement of Healthcare, Information/Software Technology and Accounting and Finance employment markets.