A 2015 study uncovers the answer to why top caliber candidates are not applying to your company.  Researchers in Canada and the U.S. experimented with how job postings are written and suggest the answer is fundamental – change the way job postings are written.


The research study focused on two different approaches: the “Needs-Supplies” approach, which focuses on what the company can do for the job seeker, and the “Demands-Abilities” approach, which focuses on what the company expects from the candidate.  Researchers rewrote 50+ job ads emphasizing these two styles and of the 991 applicants, the “Needs-Supplies” approach yielded better qualified candidates than the “Demands-Abilities” approach. 

The more successful postings included statements like “You will have the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks and develop your skills in many areas,” and “The successful applicant will enthusiastically support and cooperate with others to develop effective solutions,” and “You will have many opportunities to collaborate with talented people.”

In a competitive employment market where talented professionals have options, companies need to be creative and set themselves apart.  It’s time to put more emphasis on what your company can do for potential employees and the results will follow.  


Marcy Mooney writes commentary and content for Brine Group Staffing Solutions' Blog and Social Media sites.  Follow her @brinegroup. 

Credits: http://blogs.wsj.com/atwork/2015/02/11/the-simple-change-that-attracts-great-job-applicants/



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