Are you aware of the most important tips to know while preparing yourself for a job interview? There are over 15 key things to practice before walking in a meeting with your potential future manager, all of which will have a significant impact on your interview success. We chose our top 5 interviewing tips to share with you. Here they are:



1. Research the Job and Company as Much as Possible

Before entering your first interview, you should be intimately familiar with the company you are interviewing with. Read and soak in the information on the company’s “About Us” page on their web site, along with the type of products or services they offer. Go over the “Team” page and get to know who makes up the company culture. You should also try to find out the name and information of the hiring manager with whom you will be interviewing. Check out his or her LinkedIn profile and see if you can spot commonalities, such as having attended the same school or having similar non-work-related interests.

2. Review your Resume and Be Ready “to stand trial”

Although most of us write our own resumes, we often do not know the content as well as we should.... Not only should you know everything you included on the resume (especially dates of employment), but also be ready to explain any possible concerns that may be brought up by the interviewer. For example, if you have a gap in between jobs or an unfinished degree, prepare yourself to explain the reasoning behind it in a concise, straight forward manner. A helpful tip might be to ask a friend to review your resume with you and have them bring to the surface what issues pop out at them, and may represent potential “trouble spots” during the interview.

3. Dress for Success!

You may have heard this phrase before: You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Before even having learned your name your interviewer will - like it or not - judge you on how you physically present yourself. Regardless of the job you are going for - even if it is with a small start-up company - you should show up to an interview dressed up in professional business attire. Pretend you run your own company and have a chance to meet a very important potential new client...Wear what you would wear to that meeting! This will communicate to the interviewer that you respect the interview process and take the opportunity serious.

4. Stay Positive at All Times

It is never a good idea to bring up negative feelings or grudges against previous employers. Regardless of whether or not you may have had a justified reason to quit a prior job, put a positive spin on it. Nobody wants to hire a “Debbie Downer”!

5. Take Notes and Ask Questions

Write questions down before the interview that you would like to ask, and bring those questions on a notebook with you to the interview. Also, take notes during the interview- especially when the hiring manager is explaining job duties or provides answers to your questions. It shows you are paying attention and communicates to the interviewer that this dialog, and the matters discussed, are important to you.

There are many more guidelines to follow when preparing for a job interview. For further details and more in depth information, feel free to contact any of our recruiters any time.