Preparing for job interviews can be stressful - Knowing what not to do and what pitfalls to avoid may help you! Here are five things to keep in mind and avoid.


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1. Don’t complain, especially about your past or current employers!

Stay positive - even if the experiences you had with past or former employers were undesirable. Prepare how you will explain what happened in advance, in a straightforward and precise manner. Be careful not to go off on tangents.

2. Do not bring up salary!

Bringing up salary without being asked may create the impression that money is your main focus for applying for the job. You want to show genuine interest in the company, and focus on your ability to add value, first.

3. Never interrupt!

You want to really listen to what is being shared with you, and show that you have the capability to take in pertinent information without getting sidetracked or jumping in at the wrong moments.

4. Don’t ramble!

One of the most important things to remember is that your interview with a possible future employer is not a school essay with a word count requirement to pass the assignment. Rambling and adding unnecessary information or “fluff” to answers and explanations won’t help your cause. Get right to the point and be sure you answer the question that was asked. If it was a yes or no question, a simple yes or no should do.

5. Don’t wing it!

With all the information available online, between a company’s corporate web site and LinkedIn, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be intimately familiar with what the company does, what markets they are active in, who they compete with, and who the key players are at the company. Asking a question during the interview to which you should know the answer to already, won’t look good. Prepare prepare prepare!

There are many more tips and guidelines on how to thoroughly prepare for a job interview. If you would like to learn more, you are welcome to contact any of our recruiters at any time. To find out tips on interview Dos, check out “Dos for Job Interviews” at