Working For You

Allowing Brine Group to represent you in your career or employment search is an intelligent decision. Whether you are actively seeking career opportunities, interested in staying informed, or simply curious about the employment market, consider Brine Group services as an invaluable employment resource.

Our services are free to you, without obligation, and are paid strictly by the employer.

  • Our experienced recruiters are industry experts who specialize in their respective markets/disciplines. You are assured to be represented by a professional that is knowledgeable about your particular market and cares about your needs.
  • Our experienced recruiters will take the time to understand your career objectives and thoroughly search and carefully review all positions to ensure that the right opportunity is presented to you.
  • Our expansive network of contacts and professional connections can introduce many job opportunities that are not readily available through employment ads, web sites and other sources. This is all we do. We scourer the marketplace every day searching for the best opportunities available for you.

Our recruiters will serve as your "watchful eye" on the marketplace for suitable career advancement opportunities even if you are not actively seeking new employment. We will inform you about ongoing industry trends that may directly affect your career path.

Getting Results

  • Access to top career and job opportunities with premier employers in the area. This means interviews.
  • A job search with parameters based on your criteria.
  • Preparation for job interviews and guidance through the ever complicated and stressful interviewing process on a case by case, employer specific basis.
  • Employer specific information not readily known or available through common or public informational means.
  • Assistance with all aspects of job offer negotiations to ensure your earning potential is fully recognized and rewarded.
  • Guidance and assistance through the process of job transitioning.
  • A highly rewarding and fulfilling job that meets your requirements.