Director of Primary care needed in White Mountain Region of NH.

Location: NH - North Conway
Recruiter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Job ID: 8737

Director of Primary care needed in White Mountain Region of NH.
SUMMARY:The Director's primary responsibility is to provide leadership, direction, and accountability while overseeing the entire scope of day-to-day activities of the Primary Care dept.

The Director leads and coordinates practice resources, activities of employees (non-provider), and the scheduling of providers to meet practice policies, income projections, and mission of the practice and hospital.

The Director provides periodic reports to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and institutes polices established by the Board of Directors.
Education equivalent to a bachelor's degree is required; or, a combination of experience and education that would suggest an individual's likelihood of success in the position.

Experience should consist minimally of 3 years of management experience; familiar with most, if not all aspects, of the job description. Specific knowledge (expert or certified) in 3 or more aspects of the job description should be evident.
Demonstrable experience in managing/negotiating with disassociated groups should be evident.

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