Location: NY - Rochester
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Job ID: 8306

Neurosurgeon needed to join our successful, multi-disciplinary Spine Care Practice headquartered in Rochester, New York and serving that metropolitan area and the greater Finger Lakes Region.The successful candidate will receive a commensurate salary based on their experience and skill set. They will immediately become eligible for a salary based incentive plan based upon their contributions to the Practice measured in gross receipts. Benefits, including Health Insurance, 401K participation with matching Practice contributions, paid Vacation and leisure time as well as reimbursement for a number of required dues and fees rounds out the compensation package.Executive SummaryWe are a multi-disciplinary Medical Practice offering patients comprehensive Spine Care through a network of medical professionals including Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Pain Management Practitioners, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists at a variety of conveniently located offices throughout the Rochester Metropolitan and Finger Lakes regions.Services offered include spine and brain surgery, neurological procedures and services and non-surgical spine care, pain management and other therapies including chiropractic care and a variety of physical therapy offerings.We will provide on-going, relevant training to PCP's and other referring Providers allowing them to bolster and hone their Spine Care and Diagnostic Skillsets.We offer forums to "roundtable" patients, conferring on their symptoms, conditions and potential treatments, to expedite their referral to the appropriate discipline for the appropriate care.We will allow patients to quickly, efficiently and seamlessly navigate the Spine Care disciplines resulting in decreased costs, greatly reduced patient waiting times, especially when navigating between disciplines, improved diagnostic accuracy and reduced wait times which will allow patients to return to their optimum lifestyle as quickly as possible.With its policy of providing conservative and comprehensive Spine Care through its network of Medical Professionals, highly trained and caring office staff and convenient patient care locations, we have established the new Standard in Spine Care by melding together all the relevant disciplines of Spine Care resulting in Exceptional Care â?• . Without Exception.

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