Lab Mass Spectrometry Technical Specialist

Location: MA - Boston
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Job ID: 9209

Lab Mass Spectrometry Technical Specialist
Schedule: Full Time
Shift: Days
Location: Boston Teaching HospitalThis Boston Teaching Hospital has created this new position since 1) they would rather do the specialized testing in-house as opposed to sending it out, and 2) they would like to expand their specialty lab testing business throughout the eastern part of Massachusetts.Responsibilities: This position develops new tests and transfers existing tests on the LC-MS/MS platform under direction of the section Medical Directors. Performs technical work and problem solving at a high level of complexity. The position requires knowledge of Laboratory Developed Tests (LDT) and is expected to develop methods that translate well into the clinical environment. Responsible for developing analytical methods for use in the clinical laboratory including full validation, SOP writing, and initial training. Prepares data for publication and/or presentation. Serves as a subject matter expert on the chemistry, operation, and theory of Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Records and reviews test results for significance to determine if additional testing or an alternative procedure is required, and does what is needed. Performs troubleshooting of instruments, takes and records corrective action. Coordinates the evaluation of new procedures and analytical systems, modification of existing procedures, update of procedure manuals, evaluation of new products, and other investigative projects.Qualifications: Requires a bachelor's degree in chemistry, analytical chemistry, or related field. Requires experience creating Laboratory Developed Tests (LDT) and implementing them in the clinical laboratory. Must have a thorough understanding of scientific and technical components of Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Must Requires 5 years of satisfactory work experience in an accredited clinical laboratory have or demonstrate aptitude and willingness to develop a broad knowledge of the clinical utility of tests and disease states relevant to the laboratory section. Must be able to work independently, meet deadlines, and document experimental work appropriately. Must have interpersonal skills necessary to effectively interact, and collaborate as needed, with peers, physicians, nurses, medical students, and fellows. An equivalent combination of education and experience which provides proficiency in the areas of responsibility listed above may be substituted for the above education and experience.All those interested and qualified can contact John Baumann at 978-941-4206, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. communication will be held in strictest confidence#INDBG-H

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