Location: MA - Boston
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Job ID: 9302

Day Shift, highly competitive pay
Location: Boston Teaching Hospital

  • No weekends
  • No nights
  • No holidays
  • No call

Job Responsibilities:

  • Processes specimens for testing.
  • Performs testing on a variety of specimens with frequent computer interaction.
  • Requires frequent interaction with transplant teams by email or telephone.
  • Records and reports results according to standard procedures. Reviews results for accuracy.
  • Recognizes abnormal results and problems with samples that may cause abnormal results.
  • Performs the following tests using manual methods and automation: LabType and Lab Screen by Luminex, LabType for Genetic testing, and XM by Flow cytometry.
  • Performs data analysis of the above using Fusion software.
  • Performs and reports CAP Proficiency Testing. Participates in review of CAP standards and inspections.
  • Performs maintenance on automated analyzers and function checks on small equipment.
  • Performs Quality Control testing on test systems to ensure reliability and accuracy in reporting patient results. Documents out of range QC and takes appropriate corrective action, in accordance with procedure.
  • Recognizes problems with instrumentation through patient testing. Trouble-shoots minor to moderate technical problems on automated instruments.
  • Reviews Pending Lists for incomplete or missing tests. Follow up on problems with incomplete tests.
  • This position offers the opportunity to work on Quality Assurance and technical projects such as new equipment and procedure validations. This includes procedure writing, compiling data, and new technologist training.


  • Requires a B.S. degree with a minimum of 2 years of HLA experience or training.
  • Knowledge of HistoTrac reporting software is desirable.
  • Flow Cytometer knowledge is a plus.

All those qualified and interested can contact John Baumann at 978-941-4206, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All communication will be held in strictest confidence

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