CT Technologist

Location: MA - Boston
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Job ID: 9404

CT TechnologistsMultiple openings (see below) due to expansionBoston Teaching HospitalOur client is willing to train CT to X-Ray Techs with at least 1 year of experience.Brand new salary market adjustments.Available Schedules:3x12's, 7p - 7:30a, rotating3x12's, 7p - 7:30a, Sun/Mon/Wed3x12's,  7p - 7:30a, Tue/Wed/Sat3x12's, 7p - 7:30a, Tue/Wed/Fri3x12's, 7p - 7:30a, Wed/Thu/Fri3x12's, 7p - 7:30a, Sat/Sun/Tue*3x12's, 7p - 7:30a, Wed/Fri/Sat*3x12's, 7p - 7:30a., Sun/Thu/Fri*3x12's. 7p - 7:30a Tue/Thu, 7a - 7:30p Sat3x12's, 7a - 7:30p Sat/Sun, 7p - 7:30a Mon32 hours, 7a - 7:30p Sat/Sun, 7a - 3:30p MonDifferentials:Evening shift: $3/hrNight shift: $5/hrWeekend: $1.50/hr*Special weekend diff: $11/hr when one works 2 night shifts over the weekend (an additional $6/hr along with the $5/hr night shift diff.  If one is working the 2 night shifts on the weekend, the $1.50/hr weekend diff will not apply).Principal Duties and Responsibilities:Operates CT equipment to obtain diagnostic images and information according to departmental protocol.  In doing so, ensures the patient is properly prepared, positioned, immobilized and uses protective shield on the patient as needed.  Selects proper imaging factors, and images the designated portion(s) of the body.Explains exam to patient taking into consideration physical and emotional needs; maintains ethical standards (patient confidentiality, professional conduct, etc.). Delivers patient care under scope of license / training.maintain effective working relations and communication with departmental and other hospital personnel.Calibrate and verify the operation of all equipment to be used during the work day.Performs venipuncture for purposes of contrast administration under the direction of a radiologist.  Follow all hospital and departmental contrast administration policies and procedures.Attend staff meetings, in-services, and maintains appropriate CEU's in accordance with Massachusetts State Licensure and A.R.R.T. (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) requirements.Prepare the equipment room and supplies necessary for each patient and regular daily use.  Stock and supply room as needed.Transport and transfer patients using established procedures according to departmental guidelines.Qualifications:Must be a graduate of an approved school of Radiologic technology; possess a current Massachusetts State Radiologic Technologist license and be certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or equivalent.Registered (or eligible) in CT by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists or equivalent preferred.1+ years of experience as a CT Technologist preferred, however those with 1+ years of experience as a Radiologic Technologist are encouraged to apply (training is offered).All those qualified and interested can contact John Baumann at 978-941-4206, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. communication will be held in strictest confidence

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