Senior Geometric Algorithms Software Engineer

Location: MA - Cambridge
Recruiter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Job ID: 9319

NOTE: Only US citizens or Green Cards for this role.

My client is innovating in the IoT space. They are transforming the way things are made which is increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

Senior Geometric Algorithm Software Engineer, IoT:

You are interested in the blend of software, mechanical/electrical engineering and materials science. You are passionate about having a visible role building something tangible that solves traditional problems.

You will:

  • Design and build the geometry engine within the 3D platform.
  • Write geometric algorithms; optimize code for efficiency.
  • Build tools to visualize the 3D process.

You have:

  • 3+ years' experience writing production code.
  • Strong math background (algorithms, computational geometry).
  • Experience with 3D graphics, modeling libraries, and CAD/CAM.
  • BS in ME, EE, CS, etc.


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